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GS1 solutions include a variety of services that help you acquire barcodes & access platforms ensuring that you can use all GS1 standards to the maximum potential.

GS1 Activate makes it easier to create barcodes online. Enabling businesses to generate barcodes and share product data, helping you trade better locally & globally.

GS1 Active allows you to


Create barcodes for your products, and share the GTINs with your customers

Share product data

The basic data that you add to GS1 Activate will be made available globally so that retailers and marketplaces can view it.

Generate barcode symbols

Once you have a GTIN, you can generate the barcode to print on product packaging. We

Start Using GS1 Activate in 3 simple steps

GS1 Activate allows you to generate barcode numbers & symbols that enable effective product data sharing, ultimately helping businesses locally and globally trade better.

Step 1

Become a GS1 South Africa member After joining GS1, you receive login details so you can access 651 Activate by visiting member login page

Step 2

Add the products you need to barcode With the dashboard you can add view and edit products under "My Products to add products, start with a consumer/bese unit, then enter product data like description, weight size, favour, colour images. etc. This information helps you identity and manage you activeory and associated barcodes

Step 3

Generate GTINS & Barcodes 2/ biducts eve been submit ON and bandites a treat, which call be so Hom 61 Actice in a vary of formats

Download full GS1 Active Guide