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We empower organisations to grow efficiently, sustainably and safely — helping transform the way we work and live.

Our standards enable organisations to identify, capture and share information smoothly.

  • Bridging the physical and digital worlds to improve consumer experiences and patient safety
  • Making it possible to do business more efficiently and safely
  • Bringing industry stakeholders together to move business forward


GS1 Standards to create a common foundation for business by uniquely identifying, accurately capturing and automatically sharing vital information about products, locations, assets and more.


Uniquely identify products, places and things


Capture identity and more in a barcode or RFID tag


Share data with trading partners, consumers and patients

Verified by GS1

Verified by GS1 makes it easy to search, look up and verify information about any barcode number (GTIN, UPC, EAN), location (GLN), company or other GS1 key (SSCC).

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GS1 is the official supplier of barcodes in Namibia. This gives us the unique advantage of exclusive online integrations with various powerful partners, such as:


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